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Sleeping Beauty by KitkatKatelyn Sleeping Beauty :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 0
Emotion (OC)
OC's Name: Emotion
Real Name: Sylvia Sentiment
Gender: Female
Looks(when neutral or any emotion besides the ones listed below): Brown hair in two long braids; Light green eyes; Ivory skin;
Outfit: White hoody; Black skinny jeans; White Converse; Tiny loop earrings; Black framed glasses;
When Happy: Light blue eyes; Short blond hair; Ivory skin;
Outfit: Yellow tank-top; Light blue vest; Jean short shorts; Yellow Flats; Silver stud earrings; 
Mad: Fire for eyes; Fire hair; Tan skin;
Outfit: Red tank top; Orange Skirt; Black leggings with blood splatters; Red Tennis shoes; 
Killing Method: Burns victim alive
Sad: Depressed: Deep blue eyes; Water hair going down to her shoulders;  Light blue skin;
Outfit: Black turtleneck without sleeves; Dark blue skirt; Black leggings with light blue Polk-a-dots; Dark blue ankle-boots; Skull stud earrings; Skull necklace;
Killing Method: Drowning victim
In Love: Red, heart shaped eyes; Long, curly pink hair; Pale skin;
Outfit: Short sleeve
:iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 1 0
My OCs

A/N: These are my current OCs, though I do have a little bit more. These will all show up in my story
'Kitkat and Katie[My OC(s)] 
:iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 0
Kitkat and Katie[My OC(s)]
Author: This is a little story I came up with that includes my OCs.      
"The long claws tore through the flesh, the sound echoing through the empty hallway. Blood gushed from the open wound, driving the creature's senses mad. It craved the taste of blood, wanting to savor the metalic taste. It finally brought it's tongue to the blood and licked it, the creature shivered in delight. It then stuck it's claw into the stomach and took out the heart. It took a bite of the hollow, muscular organ and dropped it to the ground as it heard footsteps approaching. The creature hid in the closet and waited for the reaction. As soon as it heard a female's scream, it jumped out of the closet and tackled her to the floor. The lady struggled underneath the creature, trying to escape. It just laughed and brought one claw to her cheek and cut open the skin. The woman whimpered in pain. She closed her eyes as the creature's tongue touched the blood coming out from the
:iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 0
Weird by KitkatKatelyn Weird :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 0 Fang by KitkatKatelyn Fang :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 2 Drawing by KitkatKatelyn Drawing :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 0 TriForce of Courage by KitkatKatelyn TriForce of Courage :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 0 1 I Dunno by KitkatKatelyn I Dunno :iconkitkatkatelyn:KitkatKatelyn 1 1


Voltron: Keith X Male!Reader || Anatomy
    (Name) loved to draw. He loved everything about art. Anytime you would go looking for him, (Name) was always found with his head in his sketchbook. He was good at it too. (Name) had many admirers of his art when ever he'd show it off (which he loved to do). 
    When it came to art, (Name) had a passion for anatomy. He loved to draw the body in any shape or form it could hold, whether alien or human. (Name) would often ask random strangers to pose for him to use as a reference. It was how he met the Paladins of Voltron, Keith in particular. When he started traveling with the group, (Name) would just randomly start drawing them is poses he found interesting. 
    So when word finally got out that the Paladin of the Red Lion and the artist (Name) were in a romantic relationship, it was no surprise that (Name) had covered the pages of his sketchbook in drawings,
:iconan-average-writer:An-average-writer 138 3
(Voltron) Pidge Gunderson X Fem!Reader|| Secrets
(Voltron) Pidge X Fem!Reader|| Secrets
   Pidge had been a bit off. At least that's what (Name) and the others had noticed. Whenever she would walk in the room Pidge would ignore her and when she'd try to talk to him, Pidge's face would turn red and he'd make an excuse to leave. 
     So a bit might have been an understatement. Pidge was acting ridiculously strange.
    “Do you think something's wrong with Pidge?” (Name) asked Hunk. It was dinner time and Pidge was no where to be seen.
    Hunk chewed the food in his mouth. “Ya know, (Name), now that you mention it he kinda has.” He finished and took another bite of his food. 
    “I just wish I knew what it was.” She said thoughtfully as she picked at her food. (Name) and Pidge had grown to be close friends since she first met everyone. Pidge was actually the one who suggested that (Name) joined them. The two h
:iconan-average-writer:An-average-writer 92 8
Drunken Times Gorillaz x Reader
*Decided that in order for the reader to fit in with the Gorillaz that there'd have to be something eccentric about them so basically you're a laboratory-created being with plant vines sprouting out of your arms and loosely wrapping around them. You smell strongly of fragrance because there are lots of small flowers nested throughout your long hair and last but not least you don't speak. Noodle is the one who initially found you and brought you back to live with the rest of the group.*
Murdoc was humming along in the kitchen as he focused on emptying 2 large bags of gummy bears inside a tall jar. With a yawn he turned around and bent down to open one of the lower cupboards reaching in past various bottled beverages and snatching the vodka bottle. He screwed off the cap and tossed it behind him before taking a swig of the bottle and shuddering slightly from the strong taste before he tipped it over the jar allowing the fluid to pour out rapidly until the entire bottle had been emptie
:iconmorganjfk:MorganJFK 34 0
Sunset by Shino-Art Sunset :iconshino-art:Shino-Art 215 19 IRONY page 45 by rockysprings IRONY page 45 :iconrockysprings:rockysprings 145 47
Homestuck: 7 Minutes in Heaven - Tavros
You pulled out a small plushie that looked almost identical to Tinkerbull. You giggled; it looked so adorable! You knew at that moment that it was Tavros.
“Tavros, c’mon!” Dave shouted, waving the troll towards the front of the room. He maneuvered his way through the crowd. Your eyes looked up and down his new body. His legs made him look even cuter then he already had.
Dave carefully nudged you two into the closet. Each of you hesitantly looked at each other from across the closet.
You scratched the back of your head nervously. Tavros was already shy, and you had a pretty big crush on him. That didn’t help too much. You thought for a moment about what you could say to start a conversation.
“So, do you like your new legs?” You mentally face palmed. What kind of stupid question was that?!
Tavros chuckled. “I, uh, like them a lot. It’s a lot easier to, um… get around, y’know?” He smiled his innocent smile at you. You coul
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 515 164
Behind the Mask [Homestuck Fanfiction]
Your name is John Egbert. On the outside you are the typical happy, fun-loving nerd. Your interests include movies, videogames, and the paranormal. You always keep a smile on your face and stay positive no matter what. At least that's what anyone at your school would say about you if they were asked to describe you. You're a skilled prankster and use that to your advantage when hiding who you really are from the public.
Even though the majority of the people you know seem to like you, you don't exactly have any friends. There just isn't anyone you can trust all the way. There are also a bunch of students that you know don't like you. You are frequently bullied by these people and nobody does anything about it—and this is precisely why there is nobody that you trust.
There are a majority of things about yourself that you are bullied about. The many reasons include the way you dress, the way you look in general, your interests, the fact that you prefer to be by yourself, and
:iconhomestuck-style:homestuck-style 3 5
Kankles and Beep Beep Meow Sketch by LilAwesome1 Kankles and Beep Beep Meow Sketch :iconlilawesome1:LilAwesome1 15 6
Prankster Gambit [Karkat x Male!Reader]
“John... are you sure this is okay?”
“Yeah dude! Totally!”
“Dude... are you sure? I mean, I know I said that I wanted to be a prankster like you, but... this just doesn’t seem right.”
“Why not?”
“Well for starters Karkat is my boyfriend/matesprit. Shouldn’t I prank someone that, you know, can’t cut me off from amazingly cute sex?”
“Oh dude. TMI.”
“And you know how he is about the whole condomy-bucket situation. He’s going to flip his shit when that thing falls on top of him.”
“Haha! But dude! That’s the point! Karkat is the easiest guy to prank! If you want to be a prankster, you have to start with baby steps and then work your way up!”
“I don’t know...”
“Dude, trust me. This is going to be so easy and funny. Besides, you can just tell him I did it! That way you won’t be... ya know.”
:iconfullyunique:FullyUnique 166 12
meowrails by cafechan meowrails :iconcafechan:cafechan 790 71 Homestuck Meowrails Papercraft by koreandrawer Homestuck Meowrails Papercraft :iconkoreandrawer:koreandrawer 274 10 meowrails by perditionist meowrails :iconperditionist:perditionist 365 33 C4D Blue Girl by SC-ShiSoCiu C4D Blue Girl :iconsc-shisociu:SC-ShiSoCiu 2 4
The Dugong! GamzeeXReader
God, you hated this part of the zoo. It always stank of fish. Sticky marks on the glass from where kids got over exited, people tossing litter into the water. You even saw some trolls and humans jumping in before they were chased off by security. At least you were somewhere with a view. You were on a small platform that allowed the creatures of the exhibit to rest, your job for the day was to feed the dugong's fish every now and then. The bad part of it was that it was pretty much in the middle of the habitat meaning everyone was watching you; screeching comments, requests and one time a mother tried to get you to feed her own child the dugong. You tried to explain that dugongs were herbivore but she was obviously couldn't hear you.
You groaned loudly with relief and sat on the ground. It was lunchtime so almost all of the visitors had left for food. You heard a loud splash next to you and turn to watch Mickey, the male dugong, lumber up next to you.
"Sup Mick?" You asked to
:iconsnowcornsnake:snowCornsnake 127 16
The Cheetah! NepetaXReader (Part 2)
You yawned whilst leaning against the brick wall outside of the local shelter, keeping clear of the heavy rain by hiding under the roof's ledge. You were waiting for a particular girl troll who went by the name of Nepeta; ever since you had met where you worked at the zoo, you had been meeting up and visiting each other for a while. In truth, you had become rather attached to the olive-blood. She was cute, endearing and only occasionally annoying; like how she is unstoppable when it came to 'ships'.
You had learned many things about Nepeta during the past couple of weeks: she loved cats (no sh*t, Sherlock), loved all of the f*cking cat puns, she had painted one of her walls with 'ships' of her friends, she liked to role-play, her best friend was called Equius and she used to have a crush on a guy called Karkat. Due to her odd speech habits, she had referred to him as 'Karkitty'. Thankfully, you had managed to get his true name out of Equius. You and him got along reasonably w
:iconsnowcornsnake:snowCornsnake 58 16
The Cheetah! NepetaXReader
You stretched in the cheetah cage room of their enclosure. Today you had been asked to exercise the cheetah, named Prancer after his odd habit of hopping, in a little game of tag. Would be fun, if they had no claws. You turn around and stare at the resident cheetah of the zoo. The large feline was splayed out of the floor of his cage like a decorative rug but when he felt you staring, he stared at you through his amber eyes and purred. "Weirdo." You mutter playfully. Truthfully, you wouldn't have the spotted wild cat any other way. Another co-worker entered the cage room and gave you the cue to enter the enclosure. Nodding, you use one of your keys to open Prancer's cage and walk over to him. The large cat rolled over and lightly pawed at your trouser leg. "Come on, time to go outside." You say to the cheetah. As he got up, you pulled open the hatch which led to the enclosure and the two of you walked in together.
You exited into the sunlight and were greeted b
:iconsnowcornsnake:snowCornsnake 66 14



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Fang by KitkatKatelyn

OC's Name: Fang

Real Name: Charlette Fang

Gender: Female

Looks: Crazy, brown hair, red eyes, tan skin, brown wolf ears, brown wolf tail

Outfit: A rose  colored t-shirt under a blue overall dress, and rose colered flats

Weapon: Claws, Katana

Saying: none

Personality: Loud, Fearless, Bright, Playful

Habits: Cooking, drawing, chewing on bones

Other: Can turn into a wolf, likes steak 


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Katelyn Winn
United States


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